About Write JavaScript

Hey my name is Patrik Nilsson I’m a full-stack JavaScript developer from Sweden with a great passion for web development. I created Write Javascript to educate, empower people who desire to learn or grow a career in web development. Write JavaScript creates quality, engaging, and original contents.

Web designers and developers can sharpen their individual skills, allowing them to develop the confidence to do the things they love to do. Not like other web development blogs, Write JavaScript care about things that work & innovation that redesign the face of web development.

How It Works

Write JavaScript makes the process easy, interesting, and exciting with fresh content publication to enhance your knowledge and boost your confidence. Whether you’re starting a career in web development, or already a professional, Write JavaScript shares the fundamental approach to building the most responsive, intuitive, and effective website in today’s fast-paced technology.

Vision Statement

Establishing a blog that educates readers worldwide, provide rich content for future webstars, and strengthen a global community of web developers around the worldwide helping them build a career they love.

Core Values

Maintaining the highest standard of accuracy, originality, and engagement to teach web development skills that lead to professions. The Write JavaScript’s culture of real tools and real practices is what prepares readers for real experiences.